Meet our alter ego

Chicago Youth (virtual) Programs (CYvP) was created in response to our new remote world.  We set out with the goal of ensuring continued service to our youth and families during this time of crisis. What came next was the opportunity to serve our youth in a new and exciting way.  CYvP is executed using different online platforms for better participant engagement and program monitoring. With this approach, we keep our youth active, safe, and engaged.

In our service to the whole child, we first acknowledge the collective pillar upon which everything we do is built: Comprehensive support for every stage of a child’s journey with a metrics-based approach built on trust.  On these pillars we then build the structures of our program model, what we like to call our “Houses”.  Currently, there are five houses where individual programs live, they are: Wellness; Academic Success; Village; Passion; and Path Forward.  It is these collective houses that make up the Chicago Youth Programs Community of Care.


The path to long-term success is paved with a life free from health care disparity. Our longest standing program, the Northside Clinic, is a cornerstone of the Wellness House. We then layer on supportive services to help our youth and families be holistically well. This is where we have our best opportunity to serve CYP families and communities.   

Academic Success

Education is the surest route to a life outside of poverty. At Chicago Youth Programs, early literacy is the building block for a child’s educational success, so we start there with our youngest participants. As they grow, our youth then receive individualized, structured help with grade level appropriate Common Core concepts to help grow their proficiency.


To echo the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  Because our youth are involved with programs an average of almost 10 years by the time they graduate high school, our family of staffvolunteers, and mentors become critical in their upbringing.  The Village is where youth are mentored, learn life skills, and enjoy the guidance of former program youth.  

passion house

Often programs focus on mitigating risks, but strength building and allowing room for youth to explore their individual interests is also vital.  Our rotating schedule of arts, culture and enrichment programs live here. 

Path Forward

The cumulative impact of a long-term investment is a determined youth who can now see themselves as worthy and capable and is now on their way to building a constructive future for themselves.   

Supporting every stage of a child’s journey to successful adulthood

Comprehensive programming to build a community of care around each child

Metrics based approach with a 36-year track record of impact

Trusted organization with deep community roots that thrives because of partnership ecosystem


As long as poverty, injustice, and inequity persist, none of us can truly rest

Contribute long term capital appreciated property

Many people utilize this tax-efficient way of donating resources to charities. You get to deduct the market value of the assets contributed and avoid paying gain on the underlying unrealized gain.

If you would prefer contributing publicly traded marketable securities, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s. Please instruct your broker to transfer those assets to the following CYP Brokerage Account:

Account name: Chicago Youth Programs | Account number: Z40-148397 | Broker name: Fidelity Investments | DTC number: 0226

To help facilitate the transfer, contact Jeff Cambell, Executive Director, CYP phone number 773-493-4052 x120. As always, please consult with your tax adviser as the above information does not constitute tax advice.