Markita age 3

Age 3


Early involvement aids long term success. Our two free clinics bring youth into our service through an organic pipeline.

Age 5 early literacy

Age 5


Literacy serves as the building block for education. With our focus on word sounds, phonics, and early reading we aid future educational preparedness.

Markita age 8

Age 7


Most of the youth we serve attend under-performing CPS schools. To counteract this. our youth are matched with a volunteer tutor starting as early as 1st grade. These volunteers use a guided curriculum to help our students stay on track academically.

11 years old

Age 9


Summers are for fun.  Unfortunately, our youth are not always free to explore all that their neighborhoods and city have to offer.  That is where our Safe Summer Camp comes in and provides academic support for those who need it, but fun for all!  For six weeks, youth are immersed in days full of play, arts, culture, and fun both in their communities and in the City of Big Shoulders! 

Age 11 Social Emotional Learning

Age 11


Students carry much more than a backpack. SEL combines basic character education, self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision making to help our youth overcome the trauma associated with a life in poverty. CYP applies an SEL methodology across our program model.  

Markita at dentist

Age 12


Youth receive well child visits, immunizations, school and sports physicals at the Washington Park Children’s Clinic.  In addition, we invite dental and vision partners to the clinic to provide these supplemental services.  In recent years, the Washington Park (Southside) clinic has become a growing resource on the southside, offering compliance visits to a growing number of schools and high school sports teams.  

Markita 14

Age 13


In a recent survey, 85% of our youth report that they have a trusted adult, volunteer, or mentor from our program that they can depend on. In addition, when asked during our recent long term study, former participants shared that they stayed in the program because they had a consistent and safe relationship with an adult mentor.

Markita at 14

Age 14


The middle school years are volatile for our youth. Inner-city, low-income youth are more prone to gang involvement, academic decline, and violence victimization as they enter adolescence. Consequently, retention during these years is key to youth achieving long-term success.   

Markita 16

Age 16


The voice of our youth is a significant contributor to our program design. While developing their leadership skills our youth also give back to the organization with programs like PASS It On and Children Teaching Children.

Markita 17

Age 17


In Chicago, 60% of black students will graduate high school. At CYP we celebrate a 100% high school graduation rate among this same population.

college bound student

Age 18


In the last seven years, 100% of our youth have matriculated to college.  But, retention is key. We work with our youth through the age of 25 in an effort to help them stay in college, graduate, and begin their career. Getting an education and securing a career is the surest path out of poverty for our youth and we endeavor to help them every step of the way. This is our #CYPpromise to them.  

Supporting every stage of a child’s journey to successful adulthood

Comprehensive programming to build a community of care around each child

Metrics based approach with a 36-year track record of impact

Trusted organization with deep community roots that thrives because of partnership ecosystem